Tangible Loss

meet me on the other side

Raphael's Wet Dream.
2 March 1980
I am back to doing WW.. And i am looking for health-minded Diet friends.

I managed to drop 50 lbs about 2 years ago.. and i was doing well at keeping it off for a long time.. then I had a lazy few months, and in my effort to try new ways of getting back in shape, i had two bad falls on my new rollerblades. I fractured my tailbone/left hip in one, and jammed a shoulder in the other. As you can imagine, it left me pretty much immobile for a long time, and sadly, its still affecting my posture and endurance in activity.
It has also helped me gain back 30 of those lbs, which has been crushing to my spirit.

So.. I am back on this wagon, and strapping in my seatbelt so i dont fall off!!